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About This Wiki

This wiki provides information for international students, PhD supervisors from Leipzig University and local companies taking part in the Campus 2020 programme. It is our goal to connect these three parties in a scientific project leading to a PhD thesis. It is a complex topic when you are at the beginning. Therefore you will find checklists, web links and information for all participants in this wiki.

About Campus 2020 Project

Campus 2020 plus is a project of the University of Leipzig that focusses on the integration of international IT-reasearchers in the regional labour market. The project specifically addresses PhD-students at the University of Leipzig.

Close contact between PhD-students and regional enterprises forms the basis of cooperation between the region's economy and science to foster innovation processes. To find the contacts for a corporate scientific project please use the Campus 2020 portal.

On the one hand, the orientation of PhD-research topics towards the requirements of regional industry enhances the potential for economic innovation. On the other hand, PhD-students benefit from (the opportunity to get) practical insights during their research, which in turn lead to advantages on the labour market or direct employment after their PhD-graduation.

Needless to say, it is important to us that Phd-students feel compfortable and well received here in Leipzig. That is why we assist with official administration and the search for accomodation, we offer our help with daily problems as well as we take care of the student's cultural and social integration. We will set up new doctoral classes, industry workshops and teaching programs to actively facilitate a regional network of international students.

About Leipzig University

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