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The objective of the programme is to establish cooperation between a company, Leipzig University and a foreign researcher, on a specific project that is of high value to all participating parties. The Campus2020 portal serves to help bridge the gap between industry as well as academia and ought to facilitate the organisation of such an undertaking.

An industrial PhD programme provides opportunities for companies to solve high quality research in the course of their employee's or scholar's work. This wiki will support you with structured information about the different steps involved upon creating and engaging in an R&D project with foreign PhD students.

Benefits for your company

Companies will have access to beneficial knowledge acquired by the researcher during their studies and have engagement with leading analysts within computer science and the areas of interest to them. They can engage within extensive networks and establish new contacts. The programme will foster innovation and growth within the business world and links the university and the partnering company. It will ease knowledge transfer from research institutions to the commercial world with up-to-date findings and will provide a platform for companies to gain access to highly skilled academics from international backgrounds.

The PhD candidate will focus his research on industrial issues or programmes relevant to the company and will be jointly supervised by experts from the company and the University.

How to find project partners?

Getting a Campus 2020 project started